Twyford Close coupled pan - Cistern Fixing kit (CF8100XX)

Twyford Close coupled pan - Cistern Fixing kit (CF8100XX)

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This piece of kit is required when connecting a standard cistern tank (which has no screw holes in the base) onto a close couple pan. The metal plate is affixed to the tank base by inserting over extruding flush outlet and tightened. Twyford CF8100XX Close Coupled Toilet Pan Fixing Metal Plate with Donut Kit To fit 1.5" BSP To be affixed to flush outlet If you intend to connect your tank onto a close coupled pan (one that protrudes at the rear for tank to rest on) then this is the key part to secure the two together.

  • Twyford CF8100XX
  • Designed to connect a close couple pan to any tank including ones with no screw holes in cistern floor.
  • Manufactured with quality parts by Twyford re-known for their high standards in bathroom products.
  • Pack includes the metal plate, foam donut and all fittings pictured.