Stuart Turner Submersible Supervort 140A Pump Adjustable Float Switch 46541
Stuart Turner

Stuart Turner Submersible Supervort 140A Pump Adjustable Float Switch 46541

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The Stuart Turner Submersible Supervort Pump range has been specifically designed to facilitate the transference of dirty water from one location to another. Ideally suited to ponds with large-gravity fed systems, the Supervort is available in two sizes to meet differing needs in terms of head height and flow rate. Both units have been designed for space efficiency and ease of installation, as well as featuring an adjustable float switch to allow manual operation with the minimum of fuss.

Constructed from polypropylene and plastic, the pump is fully submersible and capable of handling dirty water up to 35å¡C in temperature. For best results, it is recommended that the pump be incorporated into an existing gravity-fed filter and can be submerged to a depth of 7m. Although the pump is equipped to deal with solids in suspension of up to 20mm in diameter, it is highly recommended that the user installs adequate protection to ensure that only water enters the unit.

The pump comes in two different sizes. The Supervort 140A is, as the name suggests, capable of handling a flow rate of up to 140 litres per minute and reaching a maximum head height of 5m. Meanwhile, the Supervort 240A can take as much as 240 litres per minute and achieve a maximum clearance of 7.4m, meaning there is a solution for all situations and circumstances. The latter is slightly heavier than the former (weighing in at 5.4kg in comparison to 4.2kg), while both have been designed to be space-efficient at just 260mm x 158mm x 334mm in size.

Both units are operated by an induction motor with auto-reset thermal trip safety features, and both are powered by a 240V / 50Hz power supply. What‰۪s more, both Supervort models are incredibly easy to install and come equipped with a 10m power cable and an external adjustable floating switch, so you can operate the unit remotely even when it has been submerged. Finally, every purchase comes with a one-year guarantee.

  • Submersible pump suitable for transference of dirty water
  • Perfect for ponds with large gravity-fed filter systems
  • Adjustable float switch for ease of operation
  • Double lip seal, polypropylene pump body and plastic impeller
  • FREE 1 year guarantee