Stuart Turner CH 9-14 FL Single Stage Automatic Flow Switch Brass Pump 46387
Stuart Turner

Stuart Turner CH 9-14 FL Single Stage Automatic Flow Switch Brass Pump 46387

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The Stuart Turner Single Stage Automatic Flow Switch Pump is the ideal solution for situations in which a positive head capacity is used to deliver pressurised water in both domestic and commercial spheres. Requiring approximately 1 litre per minute of gravity flow already in place, the unit can be used to pump both hot and cold water and combines a compact size with superb performance and longevity, resulting in a one-stop shop for your pumping needs in the home or workplace.

The pump body is constructed from durable brass for a longer lifespan, while the impeller itself is made out of plastic, and all components have achieved CE accreditation and compliance with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). At just 273mm x 133mm x 264mm in size and only 7.7kg in weight, this single stage switch pump boasts space-efficient dimensions with impressive performative credentials. Although it will require an existing gravity flow of around 1 litre per minute, it is capable of handling maximum flow rates of up to 120 litres per minute and maximum working pressures of 600kPa.

The pump can deal with water temperatures of between 4̴åÁC and 65̴åÁC, meaning it‰ۡó»s ideally suited to both cold and hot water applications, while a stored water temperature of approximately 60̴åÁC is recommended for discouraging the build-up of limescale in hard water areas. The unit is powered by a thermally-protected induction motor capable of working in ambient air temperatures of up to 40̴åÁC, which means it can perform even in demanding conditions and runs off a 230V / 50Hz power supply.

The pump comes equipped with two flexible hoses (300mm in length) and a 1.5 power cord for ease of use. It also boasts anti-vibration feet, an inlet strainer and dry run protection, making it a safe and reliable piece of kit to have around the household or place of work. Finally, all purchases come with a two-year manufacturer‰ۡó»s guarantee as standard.

  • Centrifugal single stage automatic flow switch pump suitable for domestic or commercial use
  • Ideal for pressurisation of water in a positive head application
  • Constructed from hard-wearing brass
  • Anti-vibration feet, Inlet Strainers and Dry run protection
  • WRAS Approved with a FREE 2 year guarantee