PERFECT Small Electronic Tankless Water Heater sub 5,5kw

PERFECT Small Electronic Tankless Water Heater sub 5,5kw

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<br/>Small, economical electronically controlled mini tankless water heater installed under the sink<br/>The tankless water heater has been offered a Kontaktron flow rate sensor and an electronic power switch built in, the has a much longer life than the mechanical. So there are no mechanical parts such as used in hydraulic controlled Boilers.<br/>No need for an additional electronic air bubble detection protects against damage. The applied Radiator construction has the calcification of tilt, almost totally eliminiert.<br/>Now with electronic control system.<br/>Ultra Model. Super Power.<br/>Warm water is available in approximately 1̴Ì_to 2̴Ì_seconds and hold up to 50̴Ì_degrees Celsius<br/>No stand-by energy required, as the device first when using electricity is consumed.<br/>This Model must be tight on to the 230̴Ì_Volt Mains. A 25̴Ì_A safeguard is required.<br/>

  • Electronic control
  • 5,5kw Leistung
  • Installed under the sink
  • Insert for kitchen sink
  • Energy saving