Moonsoon 46411 Moonson Twin Shower Pump

Moonsoon 46411 Moonson Twin Shower Pump

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Product Description

Stuart Turner 46411 Details Monsoon Universal 4.0 bar twin pump is designed for installation into vented systems to pump both the hot and cold water supplies - boosting both equally. They can be used to: Boost hot and cold water services to the complete home, bathroom, kitchen or cloakroom. Applications - Shower, bath or basin mixer, steam cabinet, standard bath-shower/shower, multi-function shower with body jets, bathroom only, apartments, whole house - up to 3 bathrooms Pressurise the supply in applications such as loft conversions, where outlets are higher than the water source. Pressurise the complete system where it is uncertain whether a positive flow naturally exits. Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pumps Extremely system friendly Robust brass bodied construction Fully WRAS approved and CE compliant Quiet operation and smooth system performance Long life with built-in engineering excellence Designed to be used for long periods of time Built-in safety low voltage controls All pumps are supplied with 22 mm push-in x 300 mm anti-vibration flexible hoses. All flexible hoses feature integral isolating valves. All pumps supplied pre-wired with 1.5 metre cable, anti-vibration feet. All pumps have Gí«_ threaded connections. Reassurance of up to a 5-year guarantee (subject to conditions) Technical Specification The Pump Hot & cold inlet strainers Stuart hard face mechanical seal Flow switch sensitivity: approx. 0.6 l/min Pressure switch Max.inlet head: 12 metres Plumbing connection: G í«_ " male Flexible hose: G í«_ " female x 22 mm push-in c/w isolating valves x 305 mm long Anti vibration feet The Motor Power Supply: 230/1/50 Enclosure rating: IPX4 Motor: Induction type, permanent capacitor, auto resetting protective thermotrip Power consumption: 875 Watts Full load: 3.9 Amps Fuse rating: 13 Amps Pre wired Rating: Continuous (S1) @ 9 l/min and above Gross weight (packed): 12.5 Kg

Legal Disclaimer

Products are suitable for the UK market and are supplied with appropriate connections to suit UK pipework. If you are using it in another market you may need appropriate adapters for connection to the pipework. Failure to use the appropriate connections to suit your respective market may result in invalidation of your warranty.

  • Max. inlet head: 12 metres
  • Power consumption: 875 Watts
  • Full load: 3.9 Amps
  • Fuse rating: 13 Amps
  • 2 Year Guarantee: United Kingdom only