McAlpine Tundish 15mm with Self Closing Valve

McAlpine Tundish 15mm with Self Closing Valve

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Product Features

Self closing membrane prevents foul odours or sewer gas

Manufactured from high quality plastic

Maintenance free, if required tundish windows can be removed

Suitable for us on cylinders, boilers, water heaters & PRV valves

Designed to be installed into a waste or soil pipe

Temperature Rating 100̴åÁCProduct Specification

Inlet: 15/22mm

Outlet: 1 1/4''McAlpine commenced manufacturing plumbing products in 1902 and in 1957 was the first United Kingdom Company to manufacture Plastic Traps. McAlpine now manufactures an exceptionally wide range of products of the highest quality for use in the UnitedKingdom and exports specifically designed products for use in over sixty countries worldwide. MACTUN incorporates a self closing membrane which opens to allow discharge to flow freely and then closes to form a seal.