Geberit 154.451.00.1í«ÌÎ_Grille cleanline20, 130í«ÌÎ_cm

Geberit 154.451.00.1í«ÌÎ_Grille cleanline20, 130í«ÌÎ_cm

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Features of "Quality Controlled according to EN 1253í«ÌÎ_3í«ÌÎ_shower drain assembly of cut tiles, floor 8/40í«ÌÎ_mm shower waste in height, tilt and the shift easily for the cleaning of water drainage of the input of technical data material: Stainless Steel Package Includes: Comb adjustmentí«Ì_Ì_ÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥í«ÌÎ_Waterproof Socket with symbol shape ring 1í«ÌÎ_piece, two end pieces can be not include: Basic Installation Kit, extraction of Geberit shower channel the cleanlin range

  • For drainage Bodenebener showers
  • Suitable for installation in the room or on the wall
  • Brushed metal/dark metal
  • For Verbundabdichtungen
  • For installation in thin mortar