Triton T300si Remote Electric Shower 10.5kw white/chrome
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Triton T300si Remote Electric Shower 10.5kw white/chrome

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The Triton T300si stylish control panel is connected by a wire to the power pack. The power pack can be hidden in a loft or cuboard, leaving the Control Panel as the only item on show for the ultimate minimalist look.


  • Discrete control pannel that operates up to 3.5m away from power pack
  • Through the wall bulkhead riser rail
  • Push button Start/Stop ‰ÛÒ with phased shutdown
  • Temperature control with numbered dial

Product Features:

  • Low voltage technology
  • Control panel operates up to 3.5m away from the power pack
  • Low pressure indicator - operates when the water pressure is insufficient
  • Power on indicator


  • 1.25m Chrome hose
  • Stylish chrome riser rail
  • Kit including soap dish
  • Rub clean showerhead - 5 spray pattern
  • 2 years warranty

Key Technical Information:

  • Power Rating Availability 8.5Kw, 9.5kw, 10.5kw
  • Plumbing system compatibility: Mains pressure cold water
  • Minimum Running Pressure / Flow: 1 Bar @ 8l/min and 1.5 Bar @ 11 l/min for 10.5 kW
  • The beautiful T300si operates with the luxury of a clean white flush fitting control panel.
  • Triton T300si SP3001SI 10.5kw Remote Electric Shower White/Chrome Sold At We Sell Electrical