Mira Galena 9.8kW Thermostatic Electric Shower - Light Stone

Mira Galena 9.8kW Thermostatic Electric Shower - Light Stone

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Mira Galena Thermostatic 9.8kW Electric Shower complete with shower kit; Light stone fascia. It‰ۡóÁÌ_åÈs not just a pretty fascia. With minimal looks and packed with technology, it combines stunning style and great performance. With pure, minimal looks and gorgeously tactile features, the Mira Galena houses patented technology and thermostatic temperature control behind a range of stylish fascias. From textured slate and stone finishes, to the simple silver and evocative flock patterned glass options, there's one to suit every bathroom.

  • - Thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family. - Separate power and temperature/flow controls to fine tune your perfect shower. - Push button on/off so you can leave the power and temperature controls at your preferred setting.
  • - Sensi-flo prevents scalding in the event of a loss of water pressure or if the showerhead or hose become blocked. - Clearscale technology cuts limescale by half for a better performing, longer lasting shower. - Delayed shutdown turns off the shower gradually, flushing hot water from the tank for safer showering for the next user and reduced limescale.
  • - 5 spray showerhead with rub-clean nozzles for easy limescale removal.
  • - Finish: Light stone effect/chrome.
  • - Mira Manufacturer's Guarantee: Domestic installations - 2 years (shower fittings - for 1 year); Non-domestic installations - 1 year.