Kaldewei 688076530000 MAS 5305 Central Support System

Kaldewei 688076530000 MAS 5305 Central Support System

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<br/>Central support system mas 5305í«ÌÎ_and Mas 5315í«ÌÎ_For Conoflat<br/>For shower trays with assembly and mounting frame (fr 5300/ESR II) from a side length greater than 90í«ÌÎ_cm should Kaldewei Our central support system.<br/>With the systems mas 5305í«ÌÎ_and Mas 5315í«ÌÎ_For Conoflat absorbing supports designed to be placed under the tray to be glued, Kaldewei offers a height-adjustable and yet large (Min. 400í«ÌÎ_cmí«_) Shower Tray Support on your phone.<br/>This is an pre-assembled Adjustable Polystyrene wedge system, which can be adjusted by means of a leaning level and two adjustable install plates smoothly adjusted in height.<br/>

  • Central support system Mas 5305
  • For installing Shower Trays from 90í«ÌÎ_cm side length in combination with the FR 5300í«ÌÎ_or ESR II