Gessi Via Manzoni 38607 countertop bidet tap

Gessi Via Manzoni 38607 countertop bidet tap

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Chalks via Manzoni Chrome chalks via Manzoni Emporio chalk is a via Manzoni Chrome Faucet design to eco-sensibile technology. When the mixer is in the center position, Lever Faucet delivers only cold water avoiding unautomatica activation of the boiler and therefore energy consumption, often absolutely not necessary, thus helping to saving eneretico. Art. 38608åÊBidet Mixer Size: H: 13.5åÊcm Mouth Diameter: 3.5åÊcm length: 7åÊcm + AEREATORE directional lever length: 4.5åÊcm The price and inclusive of VAT The VAT 22% We can fatturarla with 4% or 10% depending on of your requirements....

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