Genuine Abode Replacement Water Filter for Abode Aquifier Taps by Abode

Genuine Abode Replacement Water Filter for Abode Aquifier Taps by Abode

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The Genuine ABODE SAFELOCK FILTER CARTRIDGE will fit all of the Abode range of filter taps.... The Abode Aquifier water filter taps fitted with the genuine manufacturers cartridges, are designed to improve the overall taste, smell and appearance of drinking water, giving a crystal clear source of drinking water for you and your family to enjoy without having to compromise on style. The Abode Safelock cartridges provide almost unlimited supplies of freshly filtered water inexpensively at a moment's notice for up to six months. As well as keeping your water clean and fresh, Aquifier filter taps using the Genuine Safelock cartridges, will also significantly reduce scale build up in your water-using domestic appliances and will improve your hot drinks, keeping them free from scum. HOW DOES YOUR CARTRIDGE WORK The Aquifier filter system diverts water through the Carbon-Resin filter cartridge under the sink through the Aquifier kitchen tap. When water passes through the filter, it goes through a double filtration process. The numerous activated carbon granules trap and remove dissolved substances in the water such as chlorine, heavy metals and harmful organic compounds. The resin filter stage also reduces the levels of deposits in kettles, irons and coffee machines. The filter is designed to improve the taste and smell of water in both hard and soft water areas and also remove many water borne contaminants such as: Chlorine, Bad Tastes & Odours, Sediment, Scale & Scum, Insecticides, Pesticides & Herbicides, Dissolved Heavy Metals, e.g. Lead and Copper. The Genuine Abode Safelock cartridges do all of this without removing beneficial minerals from the water supply. They are simple and easy to install and replace and have long service replacement intervals of approximately 2500 gallons or 6 months usage for a family of five people.

  • Genuine filter
  • Quick change cartridge mechanism
  • Reduces limescale
  • Single Filter