Croydex Britannia Flexi-Fix Shower Squeegee
Croydex Britannia Flexi-Fix Shower Squeegee

Croydex Britannia Flexi-Fix Shower Squeegee

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Product Description

This Croydex Britannia flexi-fix stainless steel squeegee and hook offers the answer for keeping shower doors clean and prevent the build up of mould and mildew. Built with a durable rubber blade this squeegee comes with a hook built with Croydex patented flexi-fix system making this products easy to fit to the wall. There are 3 ways you can fit the flexi-fix wall mounted accessories. Firstly, by using the unique ‰Û÷x‰۪ plate you can screw to the wall using the same fixing points left by most old accessories so no drilling required. Secondly, if you prefer not to screw into existing holes and don't want to drill any new ones you can use the specially formulated adhesive to secure the unique ‰Û÷x‰۪ plate to uneven surfaces and shiny tiles or walls. Thirdly, you can drill new holes for the unique 'x' plate. Fixings are provided in the pack for all of these methods.

Box Contains

1 x Croydex Britannia Flexi-Fix Shower Squeegee

  • Keeps shower doors crystal clear
  • Helps prevent the accumulation of mould and mildew
  • Patented Flexi-Fix hook - simply screw or glue to the wall
  • Stainless steel blade holder with chrome plated handle and 255mm durable rubber blade
  • All fixings and fittings included
  • 255mm durable rubber blade