Cramer Ceramic / Enamel Repair Kit for Baths, Sinks and Counter Tops, Colour: Alpine White
Cramer Ceramic / Enamel Repair Kit for Baths, Sinks and Counter Tops, Colour: Alpine White

Cramer Ceramic / Enamel Repair Kit for Baths, Sinks and Counter Tops, Colour: Alpine White

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Product Description

Cramer Repair-Kit

Overview of the advantages:

  • Simple handling with perfect results
  • For impact damage up to 25mm/1inch
  • Complete kit saves money and resources
  • Contains no epoxy resin, therefore colourfast and non-yellowing
  • Heat resistant up to 60í«̴́C
  • Styrene-free
  • TÌÎÌ_í�V certified quality

Cramer Repair-Kit Ceramic‰ۡóÁÌÎÌÕí¢Enamel‰ۡóÁÌÎÌÕí¢Acrylic

We have all seen it happen:your child drops a toy in the bath or something topples into the wash basin. This is not only very annoying, but first and foremost this can be very expensive and time-consuming. Yet, such damage can be repaired quickly and easily by yourself with the appropriate high-quality material.

Repair impact damage and chips on baths, shower trays, wash basins and kitchen sinks made of ceramic (porcelain), cast iron, enamelled steel and acrylic professionally in 4 easy steps!

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For repairing impact damage in kitchen and bathroom

Complete kit for 7 repairs

This kit contains: 2-component filler 30g and hardener 8g, to fill the damage + aerosol spray 50ml as top coating, for an evenly smooth surface + spatula + sandpaper for ceramic, enamel and acrylic. The product content is sufficient for seven average repairs.

Easy processing (DIY)

For all shower trays, baths, wash basins and sinks made of enamelled steel, cast iron, acrylic and ceramic (porcelain). Clear user's instructions. For the repair of impact damage and chipping up to 25mm/1inch. Heat resistant up to 60í«̴́C. Colourfast and not-yellowing. Styrene-free.Please note:this kit is not suitable for cracks.

Certified quality

The Original ‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥ Made in Germany since 1972. CRAMER products are monitored by constant quality controls during production and additionally, since 2013, continuously tested, inspected and certified by TÌÎÌ_í�V Industrial Service Germany, an independent test laboratory. The current certificate is valid until December 2022.

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4 easy steps to perfect repairs


Make sure that the damaged area is clean, dry and free of grease. Remove rust and loose parts, do not sand the surface. Then clean the damaged area with grease-free acetone or thinner.


Mix the required amount of filler with a little hardener. Mixing ratio 30 parts filler : 1 part hardener. The mixing ratio approximately equals the size of walnut to pea. Fill the damaged area evenly, smooth and allow to harden. Drying time: 3 hours at room temperature, heat-accelerated less than 15 minutes.


Sand the filled area so that no more protrusions or holes are visible: on ceramic and enamel use the brown sandpaper. On acrylic, use the enclosed grey wet sandpaper with water. Then remove sanding dust and wipe the surface clean.


Shake spray vigorously for 3 minutes. Spray the paint thinly from a distance of 15-20 cm. A mask of paper or cardboard (hole size corresponding to the size of the damaged area) enables a uniform application: hold the mask 1-2 cm above the damaged area, start spraying onto the mask before directing the spray over the cut-out area. Wait one minute and repeat the procedure until the damaged area has been completely covered... finished! The repair is fully usable after 4 days.

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Repair-Kit Touch-Up Stick Repair-Spray Ceramic-Enamel-Spray
Surface Enamel, acrylic, ceramic Enamel, acrylic, ceramic, metal, powder-coated and painted surfaces Enamel, acrylic, ceramic, metal, powder-coated and painted surfaces Enamel, acrylic, ceramic, metal, powder-coated and painted surfaces
Application Filler and top coat Filler and top coat Top coat Top coat
Size of damage Up to 25 mm Up to 5 mm Up to 100 x 100 mm Up to 2 sqm
Chipping ‰ۡóÁí�ÌÎ̥ ‰ۡóÁí�ÌÎ̥ NO NO
Blemishes, paint defects ‰ۡóÁí�ÌÎ̥ ‰ۡóÁí�ÌÎ̥ ‰ۡóÁí�ÌÎ̥ ‰ۡóÁí�ÌÎ̥
Cracks NO NO NO NO
Paint application Spraying instead of painting Brush application Spraying instead of painting Spraying instead of painting
Suitable for Baths, shower trays and wash basins Baths, shower trays, wash basins, kitchen sinks, tiles Baths, shower trays and wash basins Bath panels, washing machines, refrigerators, paintable furniture and bathroom accessories
Further advice Mixed filler can be used to re-glue broken pieces of ceramic/porcelain Multi-layer application possible, therefore ideal for small flakes in the wash basin and kitchen sink Replacement spray for the repair set The spray paint is splash-proofed only, therefore it is not suitable for the repair or the complete coating of baths, basins or shower trays
Content 82 g 12 ml 50 ml 400 ml

Note about sanitary white:

Sanitary colours are not standardised like RAL or Pantone colours. We try to achieve the best possible match with our sanitary colours by using the original colour samples from leading manufacturers. If your bath is not older than 15 years, the colour 080 alpine white (grey white, almost light grey) is usually the most suitable. This also applies to wash basins. Older (cast iron) baths and individual acrylic baths are often much whiter. Here the colour 002 pure white is best suited.Our tip: Place a white sheet of paper in the tub. If the tub colour now appears considerably darker (greyer), you have an alpine white tub (alpine white has a market share of about 90% for white tones).

About us:

Cramer GmbH is a German, owner-managed, medium-sized family business. Since 1972 our expertise has been the cleaning, care and repair of sanitary surfaces. Cramer special cleaners, highly effective and gentle at the same time, are perfectly matched to the different materials in the bathroom ‰ۡóÁÌÎ̝ÌÎ̥ so that nothing is damaged and the value of the bathroom equipment is retained for a long time. The repair products, which are suitable for reliably repairing small blemishes and damage, are available in the standard sanitary colours. They are also easy and safe for the end user to use and always provide a perfect result.

  • The Cramer Bath and Kitchen Repair Kit is able to repair and restore damaged baths, sanitaryware and kitchen appliances by making near invisible and permanent repairs to chips and scratches
  • Importantly, by repairing appliances and sanitaryware there are considerable cost savings to be made by the consumer
  • There are also major benefits to the environment by avoiding disposal of damaged sanitaryware and appliances in the UK's landfill sites